Wednesday, March 19, 2008

mine, yours and ours

suatu pagi suami saya bertanya ;

+ " honey.... !! did you use my tooth paste ?!"

- " hmmm.. yes. I hate this chinese tooth paste. Yours its better.... "

+ " so.....!?? "

- " so... ? hello... we are married. everything is yours are mine too .... OURS".

malam-nya dengan bangga saya bilang ;

+ " hey honey, don't you realized something?! I washed all the dirty dishes including yours"

- " hmm... thats the way it supposed to be honey. As you claimed this morning that everything from me it's yours too.... OURS ".


Nining Sutrisnaningsih said...

.. hahahaa.. suamimu cepat tanggap...

Ayu Ambarsari Hanafiah said...

nice story...!
*mikir gimana pas uda married ntar*

adhini said... sweet!! ^_^

wein said...

Seneng deh baca posting yg ini,Mbak Dwi..=) aku cerita ke pacarku!;) biar nanti pas nikah begini jugaa.. hehehe.. Gbu